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Improve Your Future


IYF Trading is a leading online trading educator, home to an abundance of accredited educational materials, powered by a community of aspiring traders. IYFʼs signature aspect is the ‘Funded Traders Processʼ that turns trading newbies into proʼs, trading $100,000 for our partner after completing the 12 month Funded Traders Process.

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Trading Mentor Online


Trading Mentor Online’s platform allows retail traders to find their perfect trading mentor based on; years experience, nationality, price, rating, asset class & trading speciality. Simply input your requirements into Trading Mentor Online’s innovative mentor search, assess your results, decide on your mentor & then book a free consultation call!

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Corporate To Retail


Corporate To Retail was founded to give an educational insight into the way that institutional traders think, trade & act. The aim of Corporate to Retail is to share with retail traders the proficiency & effectiveness of a corporate traders market approach.

Corporate to Retail hosts their master trading account that ex institutional trader Richard Campbell manages on the Pelican App. The Pelican App allows you to auto-copy traders. This means that all positions traded on the CTR account will be copied directly onto your trading account via the pelican exchange software.

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Mortgage Friends


The first ever mortgage educational platform. At Mortgage Friends, you can learn everything there is to know about mortgages and increase your chances of getting a mortgage after completing Mortgage Friends innovative 12-month “Footsteps towards getting a mortgage” process. The aim of mortgage friends is to help individuals get onto the property ladder for the first time & achieve their dream home.

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Football Trading


Learn how to monetise your football knowledge.
In recent years, multiple platforms have launched and created a new, improved football betting model, where having great football knowledge really can pay. You can trade shares in football players, earn dividends on your players performances, cash in on collectibles & play monetised fantasy football.
And this is why we created Football Trading. Football Trading provides free education, tips, tricks, strategy videos, market breakdowns, player analysis, tournament blogs, community rooms, access to expert football traders & much much more for the leading platforms in this space. All of this free content will help you master the art of football trading so you can start monetising your football knowledge.

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IYF Property Development

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Improve Your Future property development offers a unique one stop shop for property development opportunities within the Algarve, Portugal. The IYF property development team, both in the UK & Portugal, will analyse up and coming projects for prospective property development clients. Feel free to learn more about what we do & have done in the past by requesting our brochure.

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So.. What is the IYF Group?

The IYF Group is a combination of gen-z enterprises, founded by entrepreneur Jake Lee. The group’s brands specialise in producing online services & products to innovate existing industries & fix evident problems consumers currently experience.

The IYF Group first came on the seen in January 2016 with the first venture, IYF Trading. 4 years later, the IYF Group is home to 5 gen-z ventures, operating within 3 different industries.